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Good News and Bad News

The good - the new version of Chrome Beta for Android finally supports the desktop user agent string.

The bad - Bluestacks still doesn't let me use touch in the Android app when running on my tablet. They hint that it may work if I install Windows 7 on the tablet, but they are too wishy washy about it to get me to actually try it.

401.2 Access Denied from VS 11

Note to self, when you install Visual Studio 11, it disables NT auth for IIS Express by default. To turn it on, go to My Documents, IISExpress, config and modify the applicationhost.config file, changing <windowsAuthentication enabled="false"> to <windowsAuthentication enabled="true">.


If you haven't seen it, some awesome guy named Kevin Gadd has made created a compiler to convert XNA to HTML5 named JSIL.

This should really come in handy soon considering Microsoft is saying they are not supporting XNA in Metro.

One thing to note, be careful when you are pulling down all of the magic from github, make sure you get his fork of ILSpy instead of the official one.


I originally pulled this down to convert Invaders to HTML5, it isn't compiling yet, but I had a good bit of stuff in there that wasn't XNA specific (using configurationmanager to dynamic load resources), so I most likely just need to slim it down a bit and give it another go.